We close the loop! From "take - make - waste" to a circular world

Luxury brands are striving to become more sustainable and phygital. However, they usually pursue these goals separately and encounter high costs because they lack specialized expertise and resources to manage a multitude of diverse and independent stakeholders.

For this reason, we have built a web3 platform that enables cost-efficient matchmaking, development and commercialization of circular luxury products. Within our transparent creator community, we use future technologies such as AR and dynamic NFTs to create phygital product experiences.


We collaborate with iconic brands and the worlds best designers to create phygital luxury.

Brands: The Circularity of Things is the new luxury. Throughout our collaboration, our iconic brand partners grow into thought leaders in the phygital space of sustainability. We empower them withour expertise to transform waste into purpose and create a unique circular luxury experience for their customers.

Designers: Our certified designers consist of world class industrial designers, artists and design universities. Our creatives have access to exclusive parts & materials from iconic brands and build their own circular heroes. The best designs become officially licensed products of the world’s most sought-after brands.


Closing the Loop with Circular Design, Digitalization & web3

Our platform aims to create, manage and commercialize circular designed products from rescued materials by leveraging web3 technology.

From waste to purpose: We make upcycling emotional and exciting by rescuing materials from iconic brands and matching them with world class designers.

From purpose to profit: By upcycling and monetizing NFTs, we turn sustainability from a cost factor into profit potential. A high degree of digitization and automation, especially through our AR and blockchain solution, leads to a scalable design process and cost-efficient product development.

"We are building the leading hub for the future of luxury!"
Tom Feuerstein, CTO