Our vision is a society living in sustainability as a commitment to the future of our planet.
For us, the circular economy is about effectively balancing social and ecologic wellbeing with sustainable economic growth.
Design for Good
Today business success is measured by much more than financial performance. Consumers worldwide are looking for companies to trust as they position themselves on climate change issues and their ecological and social impact.
CIDA is the first Upcycling Platform that uses the power of design to transform excess industrial components into premium lifestyle products while helping iconic brands to design for good and decarbonize more effectively.​
In fact, the circular economy is not an exclusive industrial urgency. All of us as consumers have the power to make it a successful global movement by making purchase decisions that support a sustainable lifestyle.​
Circularity of Things
The circular economy has the potential to disrupt the linear “take-make-waste” model of today’s system. Keeping materials in circulation with a new purpose not only limits waste and the use of raw materials, it actively challenges the thinking of design.
To bend the line around into a circle can significantly reduce disposal costs and emissions in all industries.​
Our Circularity index, based on Next Technologies, helps brand manufacturers to predict and assess the circular performance of their value chains and monitor their ecological footprint and social impact.​
Hidden value.
Genuine beauty.
Sustainable power.
CIDA products are inspired by the high-quality industrial components from iconic brands. From umbrella and coat racks for reception spaces to lounge tables for the living room, the timeless and sophisticated designs also stand out for their prominent functionality.
Designed for repair – and not to be thrown away.
In line with the robustness and durability of the industrial core, all our other materials meet the criteria for sustainable use of resources with minimized impact on the environment, climate-neutral processing, reparability, and recycling at the end of the life cycle.
One team. One vision.
The CIDA team leverages decades of international experience in entrepreneurship, new market development, and product management from original design ideas to production. United by enthusiasm for driving the circular economy and a holistic perspective in the industry, we are propelling sustainability forward where it matters most - in our homes and everyday life.
Florian Hofmann
Founder & Managing Director

Responsible for the CIDA Business Model, Investors' Relations, and Corporate Partnerships.
Before co-founding CIDA, Florian was Head of Partnerships & Commercialization at 1886Ventures and COO of the Lab1886 in Beijing - the Incubator of Daimler AG. This is where he developed the first CIDA concept with his interdisciplinary team. Before joining Daimler, Florian was a serial entrepreneur of various digital start-ups for AR/VR, Fintec, and social media applications.
Maria-José Garcia
Director Creation

Responsible for Design Partnerships, Collection Curation, and Brand.
Before CIDA, MJ co-founded She’s Mercedes at the Daimler incubator Lab 1886 and set up the 1st Mercedes-Benz rental business for dealers across Europe. In the early days of eCommerce, she built the 1st eBusiness unit for Siemens Medical Systems. After graduating from business school, she worked with Industrial Design Legend Dieter Rams at Braun AG in Germany and the USA.
Marius Müller
Strategic Partner

Responsible for Prototyping, Production, and Sustainable Materials.
Marius is Head of Operations and a Member of the Executive Board of the Silberform AG near Stuttgart in Southern Germany, a leading manufacturer of design and high-technology prototypes for the automotive and aviation industry.
Collaboration is essential
when addressing climate change.
CIDA stands for Circular Industrial Design Accelerator and is a company of the 1886Ventures Group. Our Upcycling Platform provides a collaboration space where industry partners meet with designers and makers from all over the world to create upcycled products and establish a circular economy together.
CIDA develops and runs sustainable and digital industry innovation powered by Next Technologies. The Management Team Ulrich Dietz, Susanne Hahn, and Kai Siebert are our mentors and main facilitators for creating a strong, collaborative CIDA Network.
Our partners are manufacturers and global experts in design, prototyping and sustainable materials, or engaged in the world of impact investment. We are all committed to mainstreaming the circular economy while helping iconic brands design for good and decarbonize more effectively.
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